Did you know that one pound propane cylinders cost about three times more per pound than the 20 lb. tanks that fuel your barbeque grill? Did you know more than 30 million "disposable" propane cylinders get thrown into landfills each year? The MacCoupler is a money-saver for anyone who uses a 1 lb. propane cylinder but doesn't want to spend money replacing them. Now you can safely and easily refill 1 pound propane cylinders with the MacCoupler. Simply attach the MacCoupler to your 20 lb. tank, then attach the 1 lb. cylinder you want to refill, and in less than a minute your cylinder is filled and ready for use. Save yourself money, and prevent unneeded waste!
For years the MacCoupler has been marketed with great success in outdoor and tool supply stores. with over 200,000 of these units sold in the last several years.


The MacCap is designed to shield the valve of a 1 lb cylinder from dirt and dust when not in use, as well as protect it from damage if accidentally dropped or bumped. Brass is resistant to the warping or cracking that characterizes many types of plastics used to make similar caps. This material offers the rigidity to withstand years of heavy use. The fiber disk liner in the cap helps insure a dust-free barrier while the textured sides provide a convenient grip when tightening and loosening the cap. The cap may also be used to protect the connections on other similarly sized propane accessories.

BBQ Backup

The BBQ Backup allows you to screw a standard, 1 lb. propane cylinder onto your gas grill, and with no time lost you're ready to continue grilling. It also lets you hook up your gas grill to the gas system on your RV in case you have an unexpected outage. These are the same one-pound tanks that are available at nearly every hardware store and home center. In fact, you may even have one or two of these tanks in your home workshop as part of your soldering torch kit. Then, the following day, you can bring your tank in to have it refilled, when it is convenient for you - not when you have to.